Lord, I prophesy to those who truly trust in Your name and who persevere for Your kingdom's sake - that they shall never be disappointed... you'll never gonna let us down. May we all rise above our discomforts, above our sinful nature, above our shortcomings, above our weaknesses, above our "self" that we may become... Continue Reading →

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Hashtag: Live Better

Quality life is followed by being responsible plus hard work with perseverance. At my age, sometimes it gets really hard to set up priorities in life especially when all plans are randomly made. Sticking into one goal at a time is vital and critical and yet we start off by wanting to accomplish a lot... Continue Reading →


Spiritual Yieldedness

My definition of spiritual yieldedness is the same as willingness to surrender my will and rights to God. This morning I wasn't feeling comfortable and while I was praying to the Lord to start off my personal devotion, His Holy Spirit immediately constrained me to let Him search the motives of my heart. Why am... Continue Reading →


Wilderness has always been a place of test concerning our faith towards God (Deuteronomy 8). Without surpassing it, believing in Him won't make sense at all. In the past, it was a literal exodus set in a dry place wherein the Israelites journeyed to reach the land they had to possess and it seems that... Continue Reading →


Would you still love the Lord even in the depths of agony and anguish of your soul and body? Even when He strips you off of everything, including your dignity? - Song of Solomon 8:6-7 The Lord gave me an impression of this self-evaluation question in my time of devotion with Him. I admit that... Continue Reading →

Single-eyed devotion

Song of Songs 1:15 Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove's eyes. The King speaks doubly of His love's beauty, noticing that she has "dove's eyes." This attribute is very important to the Lord, and His bride must cultivate this beauty and single-minded devotion. The Hebrew word for "beautiful"... Continue Reading →

Intensity of God’s Power

A glimpse of God's intense lordship over His creation like me has never been as this grievous and overwhelming as I have known it before. Maybe today we are still confounded, or worse, we have forgotten how important it is to "fear God" as what the Bible meant us to. To tell you the truth, it would be too... Continue Reading →

More than wine

Several people around me know that I love drinking wine. Before, I never really liked it because of its mixed sweet-bitter taste. But then again, it all depends on what's on the table and personal preference. In my case, I honestly prefer it more than a cup of coffee. Yeah, I know that it sounds a bit weird,... Continue Reading →

Tyranny of Ordinary: Greater Book (Review)

I felt revived and more encouraged in pursuing God after reading Steven Furtick's book, head pastor of Elevation church, the "greater". His writing style is direct and eccentric that's why I picked up this book and really spent time understanding it. All the way through, the words were authoritative and while reading, you will feel the... Continue Reading →

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