Me, Myself & I

Hello and welcome to my personal blog, the “torn out page”. You might be wondering why I chose that name. Well, first of all, I want to express myself more through writing. This blog is kind of like an open book about, perhaps, a quarter of my life’s experience. Sometimes you just gotta have to release some pressure in order to have peace of mind and I thought writing could be a very useful mean.

I actually took the phrase “torn out page” from a song called neptune by sleeping at last. I guess it depicts the melancholic side of me, which is probably a lot of people near me might take notice of concerning my personality, despite the meaning it represents that I find quite intriguing for its deep emotional content. Anyway, it is certainly not my intention to bring negative force, but rather, I intend to pour out my heart – giving positive vibes to whomsoever reads my thoughts and hopefully, to encourage someone on the verge of raising the white flag.

Along with this blog, I will be posting a lot of interesting photos and videos, so stay tune!




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