Worry Freak

How to recede from being a worry-freak?

Okay, I hate to admit it but I am not really the kind of out-going person although today is an exception.

So I went on a casual travel to the famous city of “Sorrento” and I just realized that by going out and seeing wider space areas, I am able to free myself from stress and worries.

Natural places such as those with mountainous or coastal views – overlooking any aquatic body can really help us to relax and release some brainy toxins caused by lack of sleep and other factors. In my case, I’m a total abuser and by that I mean, I don’t sleep enough, I don’t eat a lot of nutritious foods and I am always in contact with inorganic devices such as phone and computer. So to curb the growing dim of wearies, sometimes you have to put yourself in a bigger openable box to be able to breathe in. Otherwise, you will just explode at any moment because of too much tightness and closure.

panoramic view from Mt. Faito (Italy)

This can also mean one step out of your comfort zone. If you really do care about your well-being, naturally, you will take initiative to do what it takes to be healthy. So in disciplining our body to do the right conduct, you will also exercise greater determination to overcome difficulties including tough sacrifices. Now, delving into these sacrifices, one of the major thing we have to deal is changing our routine or habit. I know it sounds like infusing certain philosophies into your mind but unfortunately, that’s just really the essence of change. Throw away all the negatives and implement good fundamental instructions to train yourself act in a better version. Then, you will see a looser circumstance that gives you a happy and peaceful lifestyle.







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