Color of the year 2017 ft. Cruciani C

After a week of stress, I did my own research to write about things in general that include tourism, photography, fashion trends and a little bit of history.

For this entry, I will be writing about the COLOR OF THE YEAR 2017 featuring an Italian Brand “Cruciani C”.


In this spring season we feel much more revitalize as the colour of the year, according to Pantone Inc., “Greenery” appear in our everyday fashion. Prominent branded clothings and accessories around the globe feature different shades and tone of green-yellow, inspired by our continuous desire of youthful look as well as going back on beholding the aspect of natural beauty. Moreover, it gives us security and assurance from our ever-so-complicated social and political events that happen in reality. For some 4-seasoned countries, it can also mean as a preparation for the upcoming summer with its fresh and summery tone.


Not all brands though follow the decision of a single corporation. A growing important Italian brand “Cruciani” released macramè bracelets using the shades of color pink for this season. This brand is very popular in countries such as USA, Spain, South Korea and Japan. Personally, this color is very pleasant to look at on the eyes and it is a perfect color that best describes a spectacular spring as I am reminded of sakura trees in Japan- a place where I dream to spend my holiday.


Other colors that will side along the “greenery” include the shades of fuchsia, china blue, ivory and orange flame:


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