Patience …

Patience is a virtue

One characteristic that should be practiced for a better common weal is being patient.

A lot of us experience situations where you just feel like throwing tantrums despite how you consider justifiable your excuse might be. It is naturally acknowledgable that we would still feel a little bit of anger and annoyance when dealing with our problems or when we’re waiting for something for a very very long time.

We know that it is not obtained by a single one-day victory only, but rather it is an exercise that should be done day by day until our last breath.

Patience is accompanied by self-control. When you have self-control, it means that you know your limits and you know how to be considerate of others’ interests.

Exercising it on a daily basis makes you create an even bigger ability to dissolve your raging emotions – instead of hurting people around us through saying sharp words or getting physical, we become much more able to control ourselves.


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