Hello folks! Here I go again, sharing my mind. But don’t worry, this is just a quick reading status 🙂

Lately, I find myself in the midst of total greyness that seems to be turning darker as I lean on my own strength. I can’t help but see our generation now as a very knowledgeable, independent and practical one, and somehow I find it a burden weighing on my shoulders. Frustration and annoyance bother me when I think that the flow of life is just as repetitive as it has always been. It’s endless and tiring. I am standing up to this point of “I don’t know anymore” and my free will drives me crazy.

The story of my existence is all about work and study that I admittingly do with lesser enthusiasm nowadays. It feels like an empty shell. Even more so, having the ability to decide for myself is something that I wanted to be extra careful about. Hearing different advices and opinions, telling other people some tips about life and principles – all of these got me turned around over a foreboding careless tragedy. Again, young people struggle about time and commitments as I do. We are so engrossed on building ourselves name, reputation, wealth, relationship and professional success. We want to prove something like “hey, I can do that also”, “I can give you or provide you” sort of thing. Despite knowing our limits, we would still dare to become much bolder and then, be forgetful about our fragility. Then, at the end of the day, the sense of our life is determined by our own choices – choices that majorly come from influence and preference. And even if the situation’s opposite, our battle will then be about making efforts and waking up from our comfortable sleep of laziness.

Now, how can we survive when we are surrounded by self-complacency and lower tolerance of discipline. When the authorities and the elderlies show us something degraded, there would be always an exchange of arguments about who is right and who is wrong. There will always be fault-findings and blaming situations. How can we establish peace and harmony between young and old when one’s not willing to contribute for the commonweal?

See? the challenge is widespread on the plate, asking us which way is correct and which one is not. How do we respond?

I am writing this to plead for your support about “bows and arrows” relationship – where the elders are the bows and the young people are the arrows. There should be a trigger that will target us to the right way. This responsibility should come natural to us. To nurture and to cultivate outstanding characters that will help us face bigger confrontations. No competitions but supporting each other.




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