Relational rekindling

Figured out writing one step of my life’s journey 🙂

To start off, I began reading an interesting book to strengthen my understanding about what it means to have an intimate relationship with God and to reposition myself once again in His line of purpose. For the most of us, I do believe that there’s this moment of divine interruption that calls us out of our ordinary life and at a certain point, it just feels frustrating when you get the sense of involvement that you couldn’t  get out of. Nevertheless, for sure it promises something positive and although maybe to some, it is not yet come but, eventually, it will do at times when we least expect it. So, while I was reading, I remembered the almostly cliché quotation “life is a journey”. Somehow, it felt deep to me. I realized that, while the world keeps on moving in fast pace and in advanced innovation, my development as a person is at a big mark question. The vitality of routine and the discipline to maintain passion as that of a child in everything that I do were kind of lost on the track. I knew that I needed to loosen up myself and try not to complicate my relational faith on Him. I admit that for a moment, I felt down there. But tonight, something has changed in the atmosphere around me as I cried out unto the Lord. There was a stirring in my heart that I couldn’t help but to contendingly claim His wonderful plan for me for the rest of my life. He’s sweet and jealous in a different, mysterious way that causes me to be curious of what He’s up to.

When it seems like we fail on the external perspective, our life becomes much more free as we soberly walk in His liberty. He teaches us to walk in faith and not to neglect the essence of progress and process in learning the fulfillment of His will through us. Apparently, in this world we have to face a lot of enemies and throttle them through our prayer and worship. Included to that challenge, there is also a price to pay for everything that we have chosen to pursue. The good news is even our Father in Heaven is wholeheartedly willing to provide us the resources we need to pay for it. Therefore, in preparation of getting our hearts closer to Him, we might also consider about minimalizing our priority for mundane work and at the same time, doing our best to excel in the field we are working or placed on; focus ourselves on one goal at a time and invest more of our soul in spiritual things that are revelationally unprecedented and biblical.

Finally, with God’s strength, I pray that His overflowing anointing be upon you and me.

God bless…

P.s. hoping you  a good night’s sleep! 🙂


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