Would you still love the Lord even in the depths of agony and anguish of your soul and body? Even when He strips you off of everything, including your dignity?

– Song of Solomon 8:6-7

The Lord gave me an impression of this self-evaluation question in my time of devotion with Him. I admit that it’s not answerable on just a short period of time but I declare “Yes” through the combination of His strength and my work of faith.

Many young people struggle in navigating challenges of adolescence, even those who are older, whether in physical-chemistry or emotional and characteristics development. With so many influences to name, it all boils down into the responsibility of practicing correct discipline and guidance so as to keep us pure, innocent and separated to the Lord Himself. It’s a great sacrifice and effort indeed, if we’re going to analize different means of preservation. But despite of how hard it could be, we know that He will always be there and He will not forsake us even when our senses are numb (Jer. 29:11-12).

Knowing this, I feel very loved Β when the Lord’s really showing that He wants the entirety of me – as a warrior bride who’s ready to accompany Him for His future and eternal works. And you know what? Even you who’s reading this right now, you’re also invited to respond to this call.

The world’s in continuous corruption, but would we let ourselves be corrupted as well? We are created more than this. We have a built-in need of love and we are created to need the love of God. Actually, love is God. Therefore, we will never be satisfied with our earthly relationships apart from having intimacy with the Lord who’s Love Himself. We are created in His image and designed to be loved by Him and to love Him in return. Such truth makes the covenant of marriage to have sense. Our marriage contract in heaven is sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ and nothing – no one can separate us from Him anymore.

At the same time, let us be discerning and instropective also. We might be loving the Lord our God only for the sake of HisΒ “package of benefits”. God cannot be mocked nor manipulated of our motives. In this world, there are situations where women marry only for the benefits that they will get from men. There are also situations where men buy women with their wealth, fame and many more for love. But God’s Love cannot be bought with money, wealth, fame, vain glory and so forth. It is freely given to those who would desire soΒ sincerely and voluntarily. We have freely taken His unconditional love, and so He desires that we may love Him back freely the same way.



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