Hashtag: Live Better

Quality life is followed by being responsible plus hard work with perseverance. At my age, sometimes it gets really hard to set up priorities in life especially when all plans are randomly made. Sticking into one goal at a time is vital and critical and yet we start off by wanting to accomplish a lot of things at once (success, approval, recognition in life, etc.) but apparently, it seems that we are doomed to fail because of pressure and impatience (worst if it’s idleness). Therefore, to be on a right premise, we should always consider our life-long purposes when we make a plan. ‘Cause if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. (an advise from my father :P)

Consider the motives behind your plans and then, your desired result for the target you’re aiming at –Β  think of something that will sustain your daily needs and that will last long. And oh, by “life-long purposes” I meant that all things are temporary in this world and that in our hearts there is an innate desire for eternity (something that will last long, that will not get old, broken, corrupted or rugged). The good news is you only have to believe with faith and live a better life in the liberty and hope that comes from God alone through His word and communing with Him. It’s as simples as that but we always complicate our lives with less important intricacies.

So, my encouragement to you and even to myself: don’t worry too much and live with a humble mind of always improving yourself and getting things done instead of slacking off. Remember that all things are temporary and that we shouldn’t settle for something that will also give you the same – TEMPORARY. Invest on what’s incorruptible and eternal.

#livebetter (Yup, I know it’s a walmart slogan xD)

P.s. this is inspired by the word of God in the books of Haggai and Zechariah. Try reading them if you’re facing this situation or the likes. God will graciously give you advice!





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